9 November 2013, No. 50, Yellow Sunshine, ‘Tell Me Who Can Say’

No. 50 is from an LP that used to sit on the molding above the big windows that fronted a friend’s porch in Philadelphia, leaning against the arched, leaded glass over the main windows. I always wondered if the sunshine from the window was yellowing his copy. “Tell Me Who Can Say” from Yellow Sunshine. 

8 November 2013, No. 49, Fred and the New J.B.’s, ‘(It’s Not the Express) It’s the J.B.’s Monaurail’

No. 49 is not the express. It’s important to keep that in mind. It’s from the JBs, though, and it’s a monaurail. Not that that’s a real thing, but it is a very funky imaginary form of transport. So get down, because “(It’s Not The Express) It’s The J.B.’s Monaurail.” 

7 November 2013, No. 48, Honey Cone, ‘Want Ads’

I skipped yesterday, and sometimes I double up to compensate for such a lapse, but the next two tunes each deserve their own day, I think, so just No. 48 today. “Wanted: A young man single and free / Experience in love preferred / but will accept a young trainee.” I bet most people can’t put it quite so succinctly (or with so much soul) on Tinder and the other dating sites. There have been some covers of this tune over the years, but Honey Cone made it famous. Wikipedia tells me it features a young Ray Parker, Jr. (of “Ghostbusters” fame) on rhythm guitar. “Want Ads.” (I’d never seen this video before; great concept. Heh.) 

5 November 2013, No. 47, Dee Dee Sharp Gamble, ‘Easy Money’

Dee Dee Sharp Gamble was married to Kenny Gamble of Gamble and Huff fame for a while, and she put out this ill tune on Philadelphia International during that time. I don’t think there was a 12 inch, but No. 47 is a blazing song nonetheless. Everybody wants some “Easy Money.” 

4 November 2013, No. 46, Bad Medicine, ‘Trespasser’

No. 46 is another open-drums jawn with an ill bassline, but the real treat is the nice square synth that comes in at 0:30 or so. It goes away, but it comes back again, and it makes me happy. Then, after we’ve heard it twice, the sax solo is a welcome change to a sharper timbre. “Trespasser” from Bad Medicine. 

3 November 2013, No. 45, 100% Pure Poison, ‘Holes in My Shoes’

I think it’s No. 45’s bassline that does it for me, ’cause it’s a little too soulful at the expense of funkiness, but the bassline in the verses makes it move. I think “Windy C” is the joint most people know from 100% Pure Poison, and at 110 bpm, it comes later on the list. This one is “Holes in My Shoes.” 

2 November 2013, No. 44, Carly Simon, ‘Why’

No. 44 is Carly Simon, of all people. Who knew she had a “big chune?” Larry Levan knew, for one. This reggae-ish Balearic scorcher still does it right. “Why.” Because Chic, basically, if the song title were a question rather than a statement. La di da di da. Get this one stuck in your head. It gets stuck in mine sometimes. 

1 November 2013, No. 43, Monk Higgins, ‘Walking in My Sleep’

43 merely follows the answer to life, the universe, and everything, but No. 43 somnambulates along smartly behind No. 42. “Walking in My Sleep” from Monk Higgins goes like this.