28 January 2016

And for today's tune, how about a Led Zeppelin cover with big '80s-style gated reverb on the drums? I've always kinda liked NewCIty Rockers' version of "Black Dog." Dude sounds so much like Robert Plant, I thought it was a remix when I first got this record. Who wants it? VG+/gen, CR 8528 on Critique, $3.

27 January 2016

Ripped this del Amitri 12" and didn't like it much. "Kiss This Thing Goodbye," it says, and I think I will. Sale pile, NM/VG, EMI, SP 17995, $7. Anyone out there like alt country or whatever this is?

22 January 2016

Remember when this stuff played on the 'oldies' station? Is it even on commercial radio anymore? Anyway, starting my day by ripping a Party Time Fifties LP. This is close as I get to collecting 45s, is to get a bunch of 'em repressed on an LP.

21 January 2016

Wishful thinking today. Nocera's "Summertime, Summertime" is on the platter.

20 January 2016

Ripping the LP "X" by Georges Brassens. I feel like I'm stuck in a later Wes Anderson film. Chansons? Slim chances.

Georges Brassens, "Misogynie a Part"

15 January 2016

Easy listening. With a kitten. Also "California Dreamin'" on a winter's day from Frank Potenza's Soft and Warm LP. Let the muzak lift you up.

11 January 2016

I like to sing it loudly, especially when things are rough.

David Bowie, "Life on Mars."

7 January 2016

The "caveman" section of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells LP is weird, but not in a good way. This is what happens when you drink too much and get behind the microphone. Or, rather, what happens when Oldfield does.

1 January 2016

Happy new year! Here's someone playing "Auld Lang Syne" on a bunch of synths.