8 June 2017, Oh my, Omar

Omar has died. Long live Omar!

West Philadelphia will never be the same, but it was all illusion and conspiracy to begin with. From Disney World to Dahlak, his trip wasn't long enough. He called me Jesse James Christ Born Pilot, and I miss him already.

4 June 2017, Deb Talan, "Bring Water (JJC's F-Word Re-Drum)"

SoundCloud has been unaccountably kind to my Asaf Avidan edit, but the copyright protection filters simply wouldn't let this one through. Guess not everyone likes a promotional leak. We'll see how long it stays on Mixcloud. [Edit: It stayed on Mixcloud for about two minutes. Zippyshare it is. Bonus? Download it!]

Here's my re-drum for the F-Word of Deb Talan's "Bring Water" from her record Lucky Girl.


WGRS Mixtape 3 on SoundCloud

The third mixtape in the Warm Glow Record Show series is now available on SoundCloud, so give a listen there if SoundCloud is your app of choice.