31 August 2015, No. 117, The 3 Pieces, ‘Shortnin’ Bread’

Jason Sokol gave me the LP this is from, and it’s excellent. The 3 Pieces’ rendition of “Shortnin’ Bread” jumps in here at No. 117, though if we took the tempo anywhere but the beginning, the tune would be farther up the list. Listen to the big, badass break (107 bpm at 2:15 or so) and tell me you don’t like this song.

30 August 2015, No. 116, Tim Zawada, ‘Summertime Strut’

Tim Zawada calls this “Summertime Strut.” It’s good enough to make the list, and its tempo dictates it occupy spot No. 116. It’s also a pretty transparent edit but doesn’t give away the original artist or title information. Luckily for you, I figured it out, so if you didn’t recognize “Viva Tirado” from Panama’s Los Mozambiques, now you can.

[Edit: “Summertime Strut” starts at 1:02:30.]

29 August 2015, No. 115, Stevie Wonder, ‘Sir Duke’

I can feel it, you can feel it, they can feel it, we can feel it. And it’s all over! I like to think Stevie was describing his own brand of jazz-inflected funk and soul rather than naming Duke Ellington king of all, but that’s just me. Stevie Wonder, No. 115, “Sir Duke.” Feel it!

28 August 2015, No. 114, Silver Convention, ‘Fly, Robin, Fly’

The Silver Convention LP I have has a few jams on it, of which this is one. It needs an edit to downplay the uplifting string bits, but on the whole “Fly, Robin, Fly” stomps right along—up up to the sky, even—at No. 114.

26 August 2015, No. 113, Rufus Thomas, ‘Do the Funky Penguin’

Rufus Thomas was awesome. And listen to those drums! Thomas occupies slot No. 113 on our list with “Do the Funky Penguin.” Also check him out in the documentary Only the Strong Survive. Thoroughly worthwhile if you like soul music of the Stax variety.

24 August 2015, No. 112, Ron Rogers, ‘Ya Ya (Nelue Rework Mutant Disco Edit)’

I love nonsense lyrics, and I don’t know anything about Nelue except that the editing and reworking of this tune is great. Carlin played the original version a lot. Had himself a 2xLP compilation of mutant disco cuts. At No. 112 we’ve got Ron Rogers, “Ya Ya (Nelue Rework Mutant Disco Edit).”

21 August 2015, No. 111, Rhythm Heritage, ‘Disco-Fied’

I used to think this song was a little too cheese-filled to get play, but that’s only because there’s no long, juggleable break right in the middle to make it better than the SWAT theme that follows later on the same side of the LP. “Disco-Fied” by Rhythm Heritage at No. 111 deserves a listen.

20 August 2015, No. 110, The Now Sound Orchestra, ‘Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey’

Dunno why they bother with the minor Zarathustra bits near the beginning. Skip to 3:58 for all the good stuff from The Now Sound Orchestra’s take on “Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey,” coming at us from the No. 110 spot.

19 August 2015, No. 109, William Ray, ‘You Are What You Are, Sammy Lee Pickens’

I could do without the strings, but such breaks in this tune! One can’t deny “You Are What You Are,” but one ought to be careful of what one might become. William Ray brings us this one at No. 109, whatever you are.

13 August 2015, No. 108, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, ‘Call on Me’

You’ve got my number. And it’s probably working again. “Call on Me” per Evelyn “Champagne” King at No. 108.

12 August 2015, No. 107, Instant Funk, ‘Don’t You Wanna Party (Luke the Knife Remix)’

I’m already partying as though party is a verb because Instant Funk asked me “Don’t You Wanna Party” at No. 107. This is the Luke the Knife Remix, says Luke’s Soundcloud, on which we’re listening to the first song in the mix. Wanna? Answer: Yes. 

11 August 2015, No. 106, Al Green, ‘Love and Happiness’

If you think it’s possible to have both, then perhaps you can. The Rev. Al Green says the pair can make you do wrong, make you do right. “Love and Happiness” comes in at No. 106.