30 November 2015

The right names (Moroder, Bellotte, Faltermeyer) but the wrong idea. Donna Summer's departure from the disco sound doesn't appeal much to meor to anyone. This record languishes unsold in dollar bins everywhere. Skip through the full album videos if you're interested to hear why.

Donna Summer, The Wanderer LP A side

Donna Summer, The Wanderer LP B side

26 November 2015

Even if what you've got doesn't always seem so great...

William de Vaughn, "Be Thankful for What You Got"

25 November 2015

I am thankful for serious stuff, like love and food and shelter and gainful employment, and thankful for less serious stuff, like records. Here's a neat tune from one I filed today. Plenty of stuff to sample if I ever get back to it...

Michael Hedges, "Spare Change"

24 November 2015

Usually I post songs, but these two albums I just ripped are the kind of claptrap one can do in pretty broad strokes. It's the singles we wanted, anyway. "The Look of Love" is the best thing on ABC's Lexicon of Love LP; likewise "Karma Chameleon" from Culture Club's long-player Colour By Numbers. Of the two, I like the ABC jawn better, so here's that one for your listening pleasure (link jumps to the hot cut).

19 November 2015

Usually this song makes me feel the love, but this version just makes me feel strange.

Donna Summer, "I Feel Love (Time-Stretched Version)"

10 November 2015

Just as I was about to disparage the Pat Metheny record, it played me a song that wasn't half bad. Well played, Metheny.

Pat Metheny Group, "Jaco"

2 November 2015

Off book today, this is a record I’m ripping right now, and it’s one of those cases where it looks a little cooler than it is. Unless you love zydeco, of course. But somehow the image of the guys rocking accordion and washboard on the cover is just a little more appealing than the actual sound of those instruments. Here’s Clifton Chenier with “Tu Le Son Ton.”