5 October 2013, Nos. 17, 18, and 19, Kenny Raw, ‘SEPTA Theme’; Redacted, ‘Redacted’; Kenny Raw, ‘Cochambamba’

No. 17 is another awesome Kenny Raw edit, and since I’ve skipped a few days, I’m also going to skip No. 18, which gives away Ken’s secret, since it’s the source track. And then No. 19 is Ken Raw again with “Cochambamba,” which immediately follows No. 17 on Left Handed Scissors. (Remember, our list is organized by tempo, hence the clumping).

No. 17, Kenny Raw, “SEPTA Theme,” starts at 8:37 on Left Handed Scissors.

No. 18, redacted, sample source for “SEPTA Theme.”

No. 19, Kenny Raw, “Cochambamba,” starts at 11:02 on Left Handed Scissors (right after “SEPTA Theme”).