16 May 2015, No. 94, Claudja Barry, ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’

There was controversy amongst my friends surrounding this track. Not really, but Michael Fichman dug it up, I think, and then Ken found a copy, much to Fich’s chagrin. Or it was the other way around. Either way, it featured prominently in their sets for a minute, and Fich flipped it for a nice remix of a rap song about cars with ice cream paint jobs.

I always thought Claudja Barry might be from Sweden because of the J in her name, but Jamaica, apparently, then Canada, then Europe. Maybe she changed her name or the spelling thereof when she hit the European phase of her life/career. No. 94, Claudja Barry’s “Dance, Dance, Dance,” presents an opportunity to talk about disco-mixing studio legend Tom Moulton (and not the first one we’ve had on the list), but we’ll miss the opportunity this time as well. Maybe the next time a Moulton record comes up (and there are plenty), we’ll give him a look.