25 March 2016, No. 138, Aural Exciters, ‘Marathon Runner (Alkalino Mutant Disco Edit)’

All winter I’ve been copying (and writing about) records I intend to get rid of, but I’ve gotten down to the dregs of that pile, so we’re back to my favorite 1,000 disco jams as ordered by tempo. At No. 138 we’ve got “Marathon Runner (Alkalino Mutant Disco Edit)” from Aural Exciters. It’s a good edit, and it’s fun because I own an Aural Exciter from Aphex, which I bought because of the Aphex Twin connection and never used. It was cheap, like $50 on Craigslist. I don’t even know if Mr. D. James ever actually used one. Maybe when I get around to making a record, I’ll run the whole thing through the Aural Exciter in mastering. I seem to recall reading on a record sleeve somewhere that that’s what some group or other did with theirs.