29 May 2016

Off list today, I’m ripping the No Borders Here LP from Jane Siberry, so we’ll have a track from that. Dunno much about Siberry except that she’s Canadian and she sang with a group of other Canadian stars on a track on the We Are the World LP. Anyway, I’m usually not one much for lyrics, but this tune, "Symmetry (The Way Things Have to Be)," speaks to me. I don’t particularly like asymmetry, and I hate it when people do things wrong. It also makes me think of my father, from whom I inherited these traits. In particular, these lyrics:

Or say you're in an air show
And you're flying with two other pilots
And you want to do it right
Because you like to do it right
And one guy is flying
At the tip of your left wing
And the other guy's off
Doing his own thing
Would it bother you?
It bothers me