20 April 2017, WGRS Book 7, Mind the Psyche

Warm Glow Record Show 7: Mind the Psyche invites listeners to greet the mind while the mixtape itself is thinking of you (and perhaps of Paris). If you need somebody to love tonight, you can go out looking, but you might just find out heaven and hell is on Earth. As Earth has plenty of theme songs already, I hope the future will bring us themes from the exoplanets. Maybe we meet some aliens. That’s the kind of change that should make you want to hustle toward the UFO, you sexy thing. Don’t believe in miracles, but do get down with the Philly jump, woo-ooh, while “T” plays it cool. If you’re wondering how to get on down with the aqua boogie, just know that it’s a psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop, and a flash light can illuminate it further, as can giving up the funk and tearing the roof off the sucker so everyone gets a little light under the sun.

Señoras y señores, hombres y mujeres, damas y caballeros, I’m an all-day sucker hurtling through hyperspace, doing different strokes and dropping the bomb seemingly indiscriminately, but there’s a method to the madness, please believe. Please believe also that Prisencolinensinainciusol wants to back it on up, dance dance dance a tangoterje, and do it in a Kalimba tree. If nothing else, that should inspire listeners to get up and dance until their psyches rock fatboys from here to Malpaso Creek. Mind the psyche when entering or exiting the groove.