16 September 2016: JJC Mixtape Archive 5 – Work Function

Work Function
October 2009

I almost didn’t include this, but I did spend some time and effort on the selections and the timing of the fades, so it counts. And the tunes are classics that make everybody happy. Or at least they’re tunes everyone over a certain age has heard before and might even dance to. So here’s the Work Function mixtape.

As advertised, I made this for a work gathering I couldn’t attend, a DJing-in-absentia kind of thing. These aren’t my favorite tunes. They’re the tunes that appease the parents of people my age. It’s a playlist for a wedding, or a reunion or, well, a work function. I even censored a swear word in a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Money.”

Give it a listen, but keep in mind that I know it’s not my best work. We’re entering a mild slump here, as the next couple mixtapes also represent compromises in taste and production quality since I selected tunes for big rooms and recorded them live instead of mixing in Ableton. But don’t worry, those are only two of the remaining six mixtapes, plus we’re building up to the release of a brand new one, and they only get better from here.