23 September 2016: JJC Mixtape Archive 9 – Android Love Sensation

Android Love Sensation
August 2013

This mixtape starts with a cut from the only CD I’ve purchased for its retail price in a long, long time. Why the CD? I generally don’t pay real money for rare records, and this Disco Dream and the Androids CD was remastered and put out by the artist directly, so I went for it. (I think you can still get one too.) I’m glad I did. The tunes from this CD, “Disco Robots” from Superfunk, and “MYB (Move Your Body)” from Oliver were the main things I wanted to showcase, and I think without the Disco Dream and Androids disc, I might not have made the mixtape.

I’m not sure why I kept the mix so short. Matches my attention span, I suppose. This is also maybe where the naming convention I’m using for the new tapes started. Take a word or phrase from the first song in the mix and mash it up with a word or phrase from the last song in the mix. I’m not the first person to have named things like this, I know; I think it’s actually a pretty stock convention of the mashup genre, which is why I wrote “mash it up” up there, plus I loved the Mash It Up ska compilations when I was a teenager. The jackin’ disco robot jams on this quick dance mix are a long aesthetic way away from Mr. Cranky, but hey, my taste contains multitudes, as do I.