30 March 2017, No. 246, People’s Choice, ‘Do It Any Way You Wanna (Keep Schtum Re-Edit)’

There are two songs in the record show that share No. 246’s title, “Do It Any Way You Wanna,” and each of those songs has an edit in the record show too. This one, No. 246, is from People’s Choice and is the edited version: “Do It Any Way You Wanna (Keep Schtum Re-Edit).” There is a slight variation in the title of the song by Cashmere, anyway in place of any way, though unfortunately I didn’t do all my double checking before I published the last book, whose report on No. 184 incorrectly labels the non-edited version of the People’s Choice tune at No. 333 with anyway not any way. Sincerest apologies.

The groove here is remarkably consistent, the bassline rarely changing. At No. 333 we’ll find out if that was the original intention or something the editor decided to do. Something of an outlier on this list, this is a disco song without any remarkable synthesizers—maybe no synths at all, come to think of it. Just organ. The Cashmere song by basically the same name is bursting with synths. Being from 1982 helps Cashmere’s tune in that regard. It’s slicker and less funky, but I like it better.

As mentioned in No. 184, the group Escort stole the People’s Choice groove for a song about cocaine, but we’ll hear more about that (and hear the song itself) shortly at No. 260. For now, do it any way you wanna. Do it.