7 March 2017, No. 242, Kool and the Gang, ‘Ladies’ Night’

Mmmm, whoa yeah, oh what a night.

Such a cliché, but the “crowd pleasers” subcrate craves content. And the spirit of the Kool and the Gang’s “Ladies’ Night” is empowering enough. I think. Lemme go read the lyrics…yeah, they’re not too bad on a surface-level skim. The term of endearment “single baby” is a little weird, and what does it mean to see one’s name on disco lights? In disco lights would make more sense. Plenty of results for “name in lights” via Google Books’ n-gram viewer, but no results found for “name on lights.” I wonder if they botched the lyric in the studio or if it was awkward to start. “You’ll be a star, kid. We’ll put your name up on lights.” Huh?

Way at the end of the record show we’ll have DJ Apt One’s “Double Dutch Ladies Anthem,” which makes good use of the “Ladies’ Night” groove and horns at 133bpm while adding updated drums, chopped up vocal samples, and modern effects combos. More on that one in 700 songs or so. For now let’s all celebrate. This is your night, tonight, and everything’s going to be all right.