1 April 2016, Nos. 141 and 142, Eddie Bo, ‘Showdown,’ ‘Funky Jam’

Because our list is ordered by tempo, multiple songs by a single artist tend to clump together. Serato thinks each of these Eddie Bo tunes is 102.52 beats per minute. My first thought was maybe they came from the same recording session, maybe even using the same metronome to count off or something. But I have these cuts from compilations, and “Funky Jam” isn’t the B side of the “Showdown” single on Discogs, so who knows whether my guess would hold up to scrutiny. In fact, it turns out “Funky Jam” is the same tune as No. 119, “Live It Up” by James K-Nine. The version I have of “Live It Up” is a different mix or master, but it’s the same tune recorded in the same session. Blame the folks who reissued this stuff on CD, I suppose. Anyway, “Showdown” at No. 141 and “Funky Jam” at No. 142.