25 April 2016, No. 152, People Under the Stairs, ‘Trippin’ at the Disco (DJ Day Does It Again)’

Of course when I promise the next track is so good it deserves its own post, it’s one of those tracks that isn’t already up on the web. This one was vinyl only, so I posted a low-quality excerpt on Soundcloud; we’ll see if it stays there. I think I did that once before for a different tune, but I haven’t gone back to check on that one, whatever it was. Anyway, DJ Day took a pretty great song and recast it with a backing beat from Gino Soccio’s “Try It Out” and in the process created a little magic. The original version of People Under the Stairs’ “Trippin’ at the Disco” is cool and all, but at No. 152, “Trippin’ at the Disco (DJ Day Does It Again)” is far superior. I even used it to title and kick off the last mixtape I made.