23 April 2016, No. 151, One Way, ‘Cutie Pie (Instrumental)’

I want to double up today because we had the vocal version of One Way’s “Cutie Pie (Instrumental)” on the list already. Why Serato thinks the instrumental is a tiny bit faster than the vocal version I barely even have a guess. No. 152 is too good to double-bill, though, so at No. 151 the instrumental version of “Cutie Pie” is about all you can ask for in a funky synth bassline. Doesn’t do that much else, but who needs it to? [Note that the featured video is not the actual instrumental B side of the single. Can’t find a video for that; too lazy to upload one.]

Edit: Having conducted further investigation, I don’t think there is an official instrumental version. The one I have that claims to be from a 12-inch single is the same as the loop in the video, I think; it’s missing a section or two from the legitimate backing track. The absence of an official instrumental explains why this edit floats around out there. And I guess Serato calculates the tempo to be a little faster with the vocal sections removed. Harumph. Careful what you download, hey?