15 October 2016, No. 203, Trouble Funk, ‘Drop the Bomb (Part I)’

Trouble Funk is great, and two of their tunes are on this list because the songs are funky and fun to play out: “E Flat Boogie” may have made the list because I’m always on the lookout for slower joints that aren’t actually slow jams, and “Pump Me Up” is another beat juggling practice jam introduced to me by Ken Raw. Unlike those two cuts, “Drop the Bomb (Part I)” at No. 203 is here mostly because it contains one of my favorite samples, and one of the Beastie Boys’ too, apparently. I was thinking of “The New Style” (from Licensed to Ill) when in my notes I wrote down “cf. Paul’s Boutique,” and it turns out I wasn’t wrong, exactly, since a transformed version of that big synth slide is a main feature in the beat from “Car Thief” on the Beastie Boys’ sophomore effort.

Note that the featured video is for the LP version. I can’t find the “(Part I)” variation from the 12 inch on YouTube, but the LP version has all the good stuff too, so it should be fine.