25 October 2016, JJC Mixtape Archive 14 – Warm Glow Record Show 3: It’s a Dance, Dance, Dance

Pete Burns from Dead or Alive died yesterday, so I spent the morning reading Wikipedia articles about goth culture and bands and such. Rather than going off book to post “You Spin Me Round” or “Brand New Lover” (to the latter of which I’m partial probably because I found the 12 inch in the dollar bins and I’ve never owned a “You Spin Me Round” disc), I’m forging ahead and posting another mixtape just like I did last Tuesday (and will again Tuesday next, I imagine). I’ve also begun making books out of the entries that correspond to the tracks that compose each mixtape, and I hope to launch some or at least one of those soon, so be on the lookout for that/those.

What to say about the third mixtape? As promised, it’s red. It’s close to 100, and it introduces itself pretty well. And it’s a dance, dance, dance.

I’m deep into making tape six now, so all I can think is “Help Is on the Way” and whatnaut. Mixed with turtles. Sound weird? Wait and hear harmonicas into holy ghost breaks. But that’s six and this is three. Give a listen. Whee!

Warm Glow Record Show 3: It’s a Dance, Dance, Dance



What is this streaming crap? Give me my own copy.