24 October 2016, No. 207, Claudja Barry, ‘Dance, Dance, Dance (Todd Terje Tangoterje Edit)’

Another tune so nice we’re rocking it twice. Claudja Barry is back at No. 207 (this time at bpm 107) with “Dance, Dance, Dance (Todd Terje Tangoterje Edit).” The tempo boost of eight beats per minute over the original isn’t what does it here, which is not to say anything bad about 107 bpm. I love 107 bpm. But the section Terje excises from this tune is a section I’ve always kind of hated. Or resented, maybe, is more accurate. The little bridge that starts “Dance away the clouds / The sun will shine again…” makes it so you can play only 2:20 of this song without having to mix out or use a second copy and/or cue points to edit on the fly. That bridge gets distinctly un-funky, and I appreciate the edit more than do bar and nightclub crowds, who by virtue of Terje’s patchwork remain largely unaware of what they’re missing.

I was going to announce this as the last Claudja Barry tune on the list, but then what about “Boogie Woogie Dancin’ Shoes?” In a rare instance, I’ve corrected an oversight and added to the list, and now the last Claudja Barry song sits at No. 937. Assuming there are no further corrections (haha), that’s where it’ll be when we get there. One day.