10 April 2015, No. 72, Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne, ‘Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover)’

This is not the funkiest Jimmy “Bo” Horne joint. I feel like I say that a lot down here in the slow tunes since all the hot stuff is about 15 beats per minute away. For example, the Horne tune that sticks with me the most is “Dance Across the Floor” at 112 bpm. Down here at 97 bpm, though, Horne and his backup singers plead and implore the listener to “Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover).” Their urgency sounds menacing, though; like, what happens if we don’t let them be our lover? They’re a little too close to shouting it at us. And too persistent. But it’s funky. My favorite thing here is maybe the most subtle, and its subtlety is probably why I like it. There’s a really faint, stringy synth pad that runs in the background throughout the whole song, changing with the chords and moving around more in the middle than at the ends. Great tune. Check it out. “Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover),” Jimmy “Bo” Horne, No. 72. 

Note: There’s an NSFW video for this song too, if women’s nipples through tulle are frowned upon at your workplace. If you find that video and watch it, however, know that it undercuts the element of menace I hear in this song. Horne’s just a shlubby dude in a sleazure suit flashing his gold chains and wishing someone would let him love them.