14 April 2015, No. 76, Nazan Soray, ‘Hal Hal’

Coincidentally, I was reading about all the various incarnations of The Young Turks this morning, old political movement, current political talk show, and the Rod Stewart synthpop song. Guess which one resonated with me when I was thinking about Cenk Uygur’s show. Give you a hint: It was the Rod Stewart tune. That’s never gonna be on this list, though. Maybe in the future if we start running through a different list, but it would have to be a list like “crappy new-wave bandwagon-jumping songs” or something like that. This delightfully Turkish bit of funk, though, comes from Nazan Soray, and it has some ill breaks that are fun to chant along with. If you’re interested in knowing what you’re singing along to, it seems to be a song about a bangle. A bracelet, I assume, not, e.g., Susanna Hoffs.

No. 76, Nazan Soray, "Hal Hal."