12 April 2015, No. 74, Keni Burke, ‘Risin’ to the Top (OOFT! Long Edit)’

That Doug E. Fresh tune I mentioned a few days ago is not my favorite song in which the bassline from No. 74 shows up. I think Keni Burke’s “Risin’ to the Top” is best chopped and reused by Posdnuos (from De La Soul) for Medina Green and Mos Def’s track “Crosstown Beef.” I like Burke’s singing well enough, but the backup singers’ “give it all you got” is my favorite element after the bassline. Then the vibes. Then the shimmery synth pad that starts it. In that order, which is not the order in which they come up in the song. Hear for yourself:

No. 74, “Risin’ to the Top,” Keni Burke.

[Edit: The tune in my list is “Risin’ to the Top (OOFT! Long Edit),” but it's not on the OOFT! Soundcloud anymore, and I don't feel like reposting an excerpt. Sorry!]