13 April 2015, No. 75, Nuyorican Soul, ‘Nautilus (Mawtilus)’

It was a long day, and I’m glad to relax with one of the twinkliest songs on the list. In high-pitched, long-sustain keys it’s rivaled only by the original version, which we’ll get to in a few days. A lot of times it seems artists don’t want a cover tune to sound too much like the original, and this one’s no carbon copy, but the word faithful applies here. And the drums are heavier in the version Masters at Work had a hand in, but it couldn’t be otherwise, now could it? This whole Nuyorican Soul record is great, as is most of Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Vega’s work. They’re the masters at it, after all. No. 75 is “Nautilus (Mawtilus)” from Nuyorican Soul.