11 July 2016, No. 162, Barrabas, ‘It’

If I were to keep any of these tunes off the list so as not to “give away secrets,” this might be one of them. It’s not like it’s unknown or comes from a rare LP or anything. It’s just not from the LP with “Woman,” so it doesn’t turn up much. That’s my theory anyway. But the synth intro can’t be stopped, and the vocals are fun before they sail too far into los mares de queso. All the vocals except the “we got to do it my way…I can take it all” section are acceptable, and future editors would do well to cut those bits out. But anyway, if “It” from Barrabas at No. 162 doesn’t make you wanna stomp across the floor, then your stompin’ days are surely over. Get on the one!