18 July 2016, No. 166, Herbie Hancock, ‘No Means Yes’

Except to clear out a few obvious doubles, I didn’t edit this list of disco jams before I started writing it up. Which means that some of the tunes maybe shouldn’t have made the list for one reason or another, like No. 166, which isn’t quite lively enough. It’s a funky effort from Herbie Hancock, but it’s a little too chill. Also, it has an unfortunate title: “No Means Yes.” Start at 2:50 to hear what, in retrospect, I’m certain was my reason for throwing this tune in the crate. It’s like a bizarro “Holy Ghost” break with constant cowbell and that busy bassline always coming back to hit hard on the one. All right, “No Means Yes,” I see you have your merits. Maybe I’m coming around to your point of view after all.