19 July 2016, Nos. 167 and 168, Indeep, ‘The Record Keeps Spinning,’ ‘The Record Keeps Spinning (Bonus Beats)’

Indeep has a better-known DJ jam in which the selector saves the singer’s life, but “The Record Keeps Spinning” at No. 167 is better. Just listen to the whoosh of white noise that leads up to every snare drum hit. It’s no wonder that No. 168 is “The Record Keeps Spinning (Bonus Beats)” with a “free drums no melody” note attached. It’s short, though, and has some rudimentary scratching toward the end, which is annoying. It’s also not already on the Internet, and I’m too lazy to post an excerpt, so you’ll just have to imagine the bonus beats track or buy yourself the 12 inch. Just be sure you wipe the lipstick off your shirt before you get it home.