7 July 2016, No. 160, D Train, ‘Tryin’ to Get Over’

Until today I’ve always thought D-Train and James “D-Train” Williams were one and the same. Sorry, Hubert Eaves III, second member of the group D-Train. Eaves is the one in the group whose work I particularly admire, too, as he handled keys, bass, drums, and arrangements. The ill little boogie synth line and handclaps that start No. 160, an instrumental version of D-Train’s “Tryin’ to Get Over,” were probably Eaves’ ideas, not “D-Train” Williams’. Anyway, this isn’t the hottest D-Train tune, but the synth line will stick with you after it’s gone, and the horn flourishes are quite nice. If anyone’s interested, this comes from the B side of a “Walk on By” 12 inch, where it is not marked as an instrumental.