16 August 2016, No. 176, The Whatnauts, ‘Help Is On the Way’

A couple years ago a friend was having a yard sale to thin his record collection. I got some good, weird(ish) stuff from him like The Residents 13th Anniversary Show Live in Japan and a Snakefinger solo album. Passport’s self-titled LP. Anyway, he also had a stack of records without sleeves he found in an alley. He wasn’t particularly interested in them, offered them to me for a quarter apiece. Lots of techno and house 12s and a few mild-luster gems, like a promo copy of No. 176, “Help Is On the Way” from The Whatnauts. Its condition isn’t quite as nice as my other copy, but it’s got that pretty black and white label, you know? Great bassline, and the lyrics are a little more hopeful and reassuring than the other place the bassline shows up, another great tune, “Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)” off De La Soul Is Dead.