18 August 2016, No. 178, Area Code 615, ‘Stone Fox Chase’

Sometimes in the course of an evening it’s expedient to throw on something a little country, and there’s plenty of downhome jawns with funky drums. This one doesn’t have anything in the way of twang—or even anything that’s not percussion or harmonica—but it does the trick nonetheless. (Actually, I’ve got some weird version without the mbira-sounding bit in the middle, so you’ll maybe pick up on the discrepancy; huh.) You Anglophiles out there might recognize it as the theme from TV’s The Old Grey Whistle Test, which must be why it’s familiar to me. In the early days of peer to peer video sharing, I downloaded a few old episodes to see Tom Waits, Gary Numan, Can. Area Code 615 is Nashville, and some of the session players that compose the band of that name played on Dylan records. Blonde on Blonde. Anyway, here’s Area Code 615 at No. 178 with “Stone Fox Chase.”