22 August 2016, No. 181, Eddie Bo, ‘When You’re Fingers on the Funk’

We did No. 180 already since it’s pretty much the same song as No. 164 (Part I, Part II kind of thing). Luckily for us, Eddie Bo occupies No. 181 as well with “When You’re Fingers on the Funk” [sic?]. I guess it’s plausible that one could be Fingers on the funk, given the right nickname and a steady stream of Eddie Bo tunes. The lyrics lead me to believe, however, that it’s rightfully “When your finger’s on the funk / makes you wanna boogie down and jam.”

I got more shelves yesterday (Too many records? Not enough shelves.), and I want to boogie down while assembling them, then maybe jam, but I’ve got some other work to do first. I’m keeping my finger on the funk, though, waiting for the end of the workday.