29 August 2016, No. 184, Bohannon, ‘Disco Stomp’

No. 184 is not exactly a banger with its slow, four-on-top drumbeat, krautrock-like ostinato guitar and bass parts, and mostly Northeastern regional appeal. Hamilton Bohannon’s “Disco Stomp” starts by calling out Philadelphia, though, and that makes me like it, so it stays on the list. I find the shout-out to Newark, New Jersey, amusing, and someone’s playing the spoons at the end of the tune when the nasal train conductor’s voice drones “New York City,” which is not something I hear often on disco records (the spoons, that is; I think there are other train songs).

I also noticed for the first time today that the background singers sing “Chicken / in the car / and the car / won’t go / Chicago,” which turns out to be quite an old rhyme that I know from No. 260, Escort’s “Cocaine Blues,” which in turn steals its whole groove from No. 333, “Do It Anyway You Wanna” from People’s Choice. Maybe we’ll get to those songs in the next few months. Winter, probably, by the time we get to 333.