19 November 2016, No. 213, KC and the Sunshine Band, ‘Let’s Go Party’

Not to be confused with “Do You Wanna Go Party” from the LP of the same name, this is KC and the Sunshine Band with an album cut from their third full length, Part 3.Let’s Go Party” is a three-minute basket of boogie coming in at No. 213, and all it wants to do is go, you know, let’s party, let’s go get down.

In their typical fashion KC et al. eschew a chill, laid-back feel in favor of sending the horns almost over the top and offering up vocals that are little more than group chants, incantations calling forth tonight’s eponymous shindig and tomorrow’s and tomorrows’.

When trolling in the slower tempos, like in languid tropical waters, it’s good to play songs with lyrics about parties, getting funky, and getting down so as to remind people that the party poop deck on which they’re merely milling will fill up soon. So let’s party; let’s party. Let’s go, you know, let’s go get down.