2 November 2016: Mixtape trifecta

The Halloween dust has settled (I went as the DJ from Westworld, haha), but I’m still a little late with this mixtape post, having vowed to post one on Tuesday, and now it’s half past midnight Wednesday morning. Ah well.

I’m also taking the lazy way out and reposting the first three volumes of the mixtape series rather than taking the time to upload the fourth installment. Next week for that one.

Closer to triptych than triple threat, this trifecta of mixtapes is relaxed, slowish, contemplative, and makes nice background music if you’re busy or foreground music if you want to lie back and groove.

The next mix breaks the fall color scheme and gets all crazy marbled tie-dyed looking, and the fifth starts the winter colors with a dull, icy blue, which is to say you ought to get into the deciduous-hued warm glow of this trinity before it’s displaced by something frostier.

You might also want to note bene that volumes 2 and 3 are on Soundcloud as well as Mixcloud.