28 November 2016, No. 217, The Revenge, ‘Heavy Love’

The Revenge’s “Heavy Love” at No. 217 always brings to my mind another number we’ll get to in the 400s, “Heavy Vibes” by Montana Sextet. Both feature vibraphones prominently, but “Heavy Love” is built from Marvin Gaye’s “Heavy Love Affair” and not from the Montana Sextet piece.

The Revenge is an alias of a producer named Graeme Clark, who seems to have put edits into the hands of the best of the bunch: Danny Krivit, Todd Terje, and Bill Brewster, among others. Give a listen and it’s clear to hear why they were receptive. When the bassline finally breaks at the end of the third minute, all you want is for it to come back before the end. And it does. Feel the pain, then you’ll feel the very heavy love.