8 November 2016, No. 210, Freedom, ‘Get Up and Dance’

Kazoos! Here’s hoping my household will make some celebratory noise tonight after the election results are in. No. 210 is “Get Up and Dance” by Freedom, something certainly worth celebrating. This tune forms the basis of Grandmaster Flash’s “Freedom,” a tune I confuse with another of his, “The Birthday Party,” since both feature choruses of kazoos.

I promised the fourth installment in the mixtape series today, but because I haven’t yet written a satisfactory introduction to it, I’ll wait another week to release that properly into the wild. In fact it’s already out there, and you’ll find it easily enough if you go and look for it, but you’ll have to wait until next week to hear me drone on about it.

For now I’m back to hoping that after all the polls close we’ll have something to get up and dance about.

[Edit: smfh. At least you no longer have to wait for Mixtape 4.]