19 March 2015, No. 56, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, ‘The Boogie Back’

"Ubiquity" is such a great name for a musical group, and Roy Ayers is a great bandleader and vibraphonist. And calling his band Ubiquity turned out to be prophetic, as Wikipedia says Ayers has more records that have been sampled by hip-hop artists than anyone else. I find this doubtful, and whosampled.com confirms at least that while an even hundred songs have sampled Ayers, James Brown bits are featured in nearly 5,000. But maybe Ayers has 50 songs that have been sampled and Brown has only 20. I could count them up, but I don't feel like it. The main thing we're here to do is to listen to Roy Ayers Ubiquity bring "The Boogie Back" from 1974's Change up the Groove LP at No. 56.