30 March 2015, No. 64, Reverso 68, ‘Piece Together (Todd Terje Spinning Star Mix)’

Have we had Todd Terje’s work on the list yet? No. This is the first one at No. 64, but there will be more. Terje’s Norwegian, and his name is an homage to Todd Terry (whom we’ll hear at No. 76, I think [edit: nope]). Terje makes good music, good edits, and good remixes. This “spinning star mix” of Reverso 68’s tune “Piece Together” does have kind of a cosmic, “spinning star” feel in places, whatever that means. Lots of hissing white noise and gongs and reverb in the background, swelling and dissipating with the changes in the song, like one imagines the burning gases swirl in and around a star. Sometimes I think attempts to describe music are pointless (just go listen to the tune, already), but I suppose other times it’s not so bad. The urge to red-pen all that star stuff is strong, though…so just go listen to the tune already.