25 March 2015, No. 61, William Hart, ‘Time Out for Love’

The Delfonics got name-checked in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, and they have some well-known tunes out there. This one, a joint from their lead singer William Hart called “Time Out for Love,” is not one of those well-known songs, but it does come in as the 61st-slowest song on the list. It’s got a catchy little hook, but my favorite part, of course, is the synth solo at 3:00 or so. I like complicated and weird-sounding synth work, but even better than that stuff most times is just a clear, distinctive lead or bassline played on a simple monosynth like a Minimoog or a Yamaha CS15. Take a little time out for synths and soul with “Time Out for Love.” (Note: I couldn’t find this one streaming easily enough, so I put it on my SoundCloud account; we’ll see how long it stays there before the rights police knock it down…)