23 March 2015, No. 59, Boy, ‘Little Numbers (Leo Zero Remix)’

Another new(ish) tune. I don't know who Leo Zero is, and I don't know much about Boy except that they're girls and there’s two of them and they're from Europe somewhere. Switzerland and Germany, it seems. Can’t really tell they’re European listening to them, but isn’t that usually the way with European pop acts? Anyway, the first of the last two things we’ll note is that one reason I like this song is the singer sounds reminiscent of Rachel Ries, whom I also like and went to college with. The other thing is that this Leo Zero remix is the second thing on the list that’s ultra-Balearic, and we like that because it’s spring now, and summer is coming, so it’s nice when the music warms us up too. Steel drums and boogie, Leo Zero’s remix of “Little Numbers” by Boy at No. 59.